10 Habits That Will Grow Your Business

I’ve learned some great daily habits of successful people that will help you be profitable and make progress every single day. The key to earning a living as a freelancer is finding that perfect balance between being a smart business owner and a happy designer.

Start with these important daily habits and you’ll refresh your workflow and grow your freelance business in the process.

1. Start your day with exercise

No one likes to exercise, but lifting weights or walking on the treadmill for 15 mins helps reduce stress later in the day, counteracts the effects of high-fat diet, and improves sleep. Not to mention it can give you a great energy boost due to the release of endorphins that can make you feel good and energized throughout the day.

2. Track your time for everything

The secret to tracking your time is that you choose one program and stick with it. I use Harvest to track my time and it has really helped me stay on track with my clients projects and helped me gauge my time for future estimates. So if you’re serious about getting organized, stick to whatever system you pick for one month – after that, it should be ingrained as a habit.

3. Visit your favorite design blogs

Make time to read through your top design blogs to stay inspired and stay in know on industry news. Over time you should develop a series of favorite bookmarked sites that can help you learn about new trends and maybe even get you out of a bind if you ever hit a design road block.

4. Move around every hour

We all know that sitting all day is damaging to our bodies but few us do anything about it. So in order to prevent couch potato syndrome try out these 12 simple steps for stretching at your desk. As a bonus try to go for a nice walk on your lunch break to go grab coffee or a quick bite. It will make all the difference in your daily routine.

5. Doodle when you’re feeling blocked

A great way to bring back your creativity is to just grab a pencil and paper and start doodling. Your random scribbles might just be an effective ingredient in formulating your next awesome design concept.

6. Set aside time each day to learn

I try to spend at least 1-hour every day learning something new, whether it’s reading tutorials, doing courses on Skillshare or watching an inspiring Ted Talk. It’s just 4% of your day so make it a habit and your bottom line will thank you for it.

7. Make personal connections

Go out of your way and make a personal connection with a stranger. My personal goal is to connect with at least 5 people every day. Whether it’s a simple tweet, a comment on a blog post or a personalized email to someone you admire, set a number of people you want to connect with everyday and stick to it.

8. Create tomorrow’s to do list

At the end of the day plan out what goals and projects you have for the following business day. Not only will you hit the ground running the next morning, but you’ll stress less about what’s ahead. I use a free app called Todoist, to keep track of my daily goals and personal todo’s, and it has been a real lifesaver.

9. Measure your overall profitability

It’s important to always be on top of your daily desired profit margins by keeping an eye on the dollars being invoiced and deducted. Even if you’re not working on paid projects assign a value to all the marketing, daily practice and internal communications that are necessary to help run your business. Don’t forget, has fun as it is to be a freelancer you are running your own business and at the end of the day to need to make enough money to pay your bills.

10. Don’t forget to tidy up your workspace

Whether you work in a big private office or in a small space in your home, organizing your workspace will help you start off better the next day. Doing small things like dusting off your desktop, putting away your sketches and organizing your email can all help in limiting stress. Just remember, “clean office, clear mind.”

What are some daily habits of successful people you know? Or great daily habits that you include in your own freelance routine? Add to the conversation by commenting below.

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