Creating Your Logo Design Questionnaire

Designing a great logo design starts with a complete education on your clients brand and what that brand represents to it’s customers.

To get started you need to take the time to ask your client questions to gain a full understanding on what makes their brand special.

75+ Questions to Ask When Designing A Logo

Now, just in case you don’t know where to start, I’ve outlined every single possible question I could find or think of. Now, I’m in no way suggesting that you use all of these questions listed here but at least you’ll know where to start and understand why each of these questions are important to the logo design process.

Get to know the company

One of the main reasons you ask questions about the company is to understand the value of the product you’re providing. Asking these questions upfront will save you hours on your own research for the brand. You want to avoid any confusion about what the business actually does and take the time to hear how they describe their business in their own words.

  • What is your company/organization/product name?
  • Where is your business primarily located?
  • What sets your company apart from others?
  • What services or products does your company provide?
  • What’s your most popular service or product?
  • On average what’s the price range of your product or service?
  • Why should I choose your company over your competitors?
  • Who is your main competitor?
  • How long has your company been in business?
  • How many employees work for your company?
  • How much does your company make annually?
  • Now, how much money do you want to make annually?
  • What are the greatest strengths and weaknesses of your company?
  • Where do you see your company in 10 years?
  • Why was your company founded?
  • What motivated you to start this business/organization?
  • How has your company changed since you first launched?
  • Is there somewhere I can go to view personal reviews of your product or service?
  • Where do people buy the most of your product or service? Online, in person or in store?

Define the meaning behind the brand

You need to ask questions that give you an understanding of the story behind the brand. You can tell a lot from a company by how they interpret their personal values and describe their personality traits. These questions should give you an underlying theme behind the logo and how it should best represent the company.

  • If you had to describe your company/organization in one word, what would it be and why?
  • If your customers had to describe your company/organization in one word, what would it be and why?
  • What do you want your company to be most known for?
  • What is the mission statement of your company?
  • When your customers experience your brand, what emotions do they feel?
  • If your brand was a person, how would you describe their personality?
  • What are your personal values?
  • What 3 archetypes would you use to describe your brand?
  • What is the overall mood of your company?
  • What is your company culture like?

Understand their style and needs

These questions give you insight into the taste of the person who will need to approve your design. By the client giving you an idea of what typefaces, colors and styles they like can be a good starting point for new ideas. Although your design should be shaped towards your clients niche audience, it’s still important for them to like it themselves.

  • Where will the logo be primarily used?
  • Does your company have a tagline or slogan that should be included with the logo?
  • Are there any design elements you would prefer to see in the logo?
  • In your opinion, what defines a well-designed logo?
  • What is your preference in reference to icons, typography, spokespeople (characters), etc.?
  • What restrictions, if any, might there be on the logo?
  • What words or icons must be included in the logo?
  • What logos do you like and why? Use resources like Dribbble, Logo Pond, Behance and Pinterest for inspiration.
  • What logos do you dislike and why?
  • In your opinion, what is the primary purpose for a logo?
  • What are the likely occasions in which this logo will be used?
  • How will you define the success of this project?
  • What do you want your logo to say about your business?
  • What brands / designs from other companies make you jealous?

Do they need a re-design?

It’s important to know if you are designing a fresh new logo or if you’re replacing an existing design because depending on their reasoning behind the change can greatly influence your approach. For example, the length of time they had their existing logo will give you an idea of the recognition that logo may have built up over time, which will impact how much change is needed for the re-design.

  • What elements from your previous logo would you like to retain?
  • What is the reason for modifying or re-designing your logo?
  • What do your customers recognize first when they see your logo?
  • How old is your current logo?
  • Why does your company use the colors, fonts, etc. that is does?

Get an introduction to their customers

The most important thing to know is who you’re designing for, because at the end of the day it’s the customer that can make or break a brand’s success. So getting facts like gender, age, income, occupation can greatly affect design decisions.

  • Who is the primary target audience?
  • Who currently uses your product the most?
  • Are you pleased with the range of people your company serves?
  • Are you looking to expand, modify, or completely change your target audience or will it remain the same?
  • How do you plan to focus on your target audience?
  • What are your main forms of advertising?
  • How do most customers find out about your company?
  • Which genders are you targeting?
  • What is your demographics household income level?
  • What websites does your audience visit most often?
  • Where do most of your customers live?
  • Do customers perceive any negatives or barriers to working with your organization?
  • What are some common interests or hobbies of your target audience?

See how you’ll work together

Now that you’ve got all the history and design aesthetic written down it’s time to get right to business. These questions will give you an idea of your working relationship and whether you’re both a good fit to work together on the project. Things like timeframes and overall budget will determine the process and time you can give to each stage, and how that will affect the final design.

  • How much money do you plan to dedicate to this logo design?
  • What sort of deadline are you working with on this logo?
  • Do you foresee any needed modifications in the near future?
  • What is the primary reason you chose my company to do your logo work?
  • Which two are most important for you: quality, speed, or cost?
  • Are there any special events or promotions on which the completion of this design depends on?
  • Who are your internal decision-makers? Who will be approving the designs and concepts?
  • How frequently would you prefer to meet: on a weekly basis, or more/less often?
  • Would you prefer to communicate via email, phone or skype?
  • Is there anything else you want us to know that wasn’t covered above?

Bonus questions that could lead to more money:

It never hurts to try and upsell a client. Usually a logo design is just the beginning of what a brand needs and asking these questions could lead to more work and consistent revenue.

This will get them thinking about what items they will need featuring their new logo and most importantly gives you the opportunity to provide a higher quote.

  • Will you be needing any other services in addition to this logo design?
  • Would you like help/consultation in defining your target audience?
  • Would you like me to do some user testing for this logo?
  • Do you know anyone else who is also looking for a fresh new logo design?

Questions NOT to ask when designing a logo

Yes, there are certain questions that you should absolutely NOT ask your client because it’s your job as the designer to know how to present a clients logo in the best possible light. Also, as a professional you should be able to decide on your own process and what enables you to do your best work.

  • What typefaces / colors do you like?
  • How many initial concepts would you like?
  • How many rounds of revisions will you need?

How To Build Your Online Questionnaire

After reading those 75+ questions, you’re probably wondering how many of them you should include in your own logo design questionnaire. Well, whether you want to ask only 10 questions or 50 is up to you. Ask as many questions that you feel are necessary to ensure the best outcome for the client and yourself.

Once you have selected your list of questions, it’s time to send it to the client. To make this process simpler try using Gravity Forms for WordPress or Type Form to present your online questionnaire. With these programs you can easily create form fields without a lick of code knowledge. Pretty nifty huh?

Final Thoughts

As professional logo designers we need to understand our clients motivations, expectations and requirements before we begin production. Knowing the right questions to ask is crucial and will help steer the project in the right direction.

Well, that’s it for now. I’ll be coming back to this blog post to add any additional questions that come my way. In the meantime, feel free to bookmark this page and keep it as a resource when your next client is in need of an awesome new logo design.

Did I miss any important questions? Feel free to tell me your suggestions in the comments below.

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