Why Designers Like You Should Live Stream on Twitch Creative

See how live streaming on Twitch Creative can help you build an audience, get donations and improve your design skills.

I have been streaming on Twitch for six months now, and it has completely changed my life. I’m more confident in my work; I’ve built a beautiful new lettering community, and I made a few hundred dollars in donations last week alone. Not too bad for just drawing on the internet.

letter shoppe on twitch

For those of you that are unfamiliar, Twitch is a live streaming platform that was originally made for gamers. But since Adobe starting sponsoring them, the Creative Channel has been booming! People of all talents and styles have been killing it on this platform and so can you.

I love Twitch so much; I’m even writing an eBook about it, my first actually. Everyone needs to know about this platform, and I want more awesome creatives like you to be apart of it. But before I get ahead of myself let me tell you all the wonderful things that can happen if you take the leap to start streaming your process on Twitch.


Build Your Own Community

One of the very best parts about streaming are the people in your chat. You would be shocked to know how many generous and kind souls that are on the internet these days. It’s not all trolls you know.

twitch community

In my chat, I call my viewers “The League of Letters” and welcome them personally as soon as they follow. From that point on they become my most loyal fans more so than any other social media platform I have ever experienced.

My fans have helped me pay my bills, motivated me when I was feeling burnt out and have kept me on my toes so I can always improve. These people make me laugh, keep me company while I work in my studio and have spread the word on my business further than I ever thought possible.  

Platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, are great, but Twitch has been the only place where I feel actually connected to my followers. To me, Twitch is what social media was always meant to be, where I can actually talk to my audience live instead of just seeing likes on a screen.


Get Generous Donations

I know it might be hard to believe, but tons of people make a living from Twitch just off donations. It’s even common for people to send you several $100 donations without even batting an eye. Why?

It’s the rule reciprocity. I do something nice for you which makes you want to do something nice in return. And it works the same with Twitch.


When you live stream, you are either entertaining or talented, or if you’re really lucky, your both. When you entertain people whether it’s with your sparkling personality or your mad skills, they want to help support you for inspiring them.

Even better if you can go into tutorial mode and actually start to teach people your craft. If you can help someone with the Adobe suite or a new drawing technique, you will have a fan for life!

Once you start streaming, you’ll be very surprised that people are a lot kinder than you think. Especially among the creative communities where everyone is more than happy to lend a helping hand. We are all on this creative journey together.


New Clients and Commissions

When I started streaming, I thought in no way was this going to get me, clients. I thought most people on twitch are young kids; no one is going to pay me a few thousand dollars to design their brand or create custom artwork for their home. But I was really really wrong.

There are all types of people on Twitch; it’s not just tweens anymore. The majority of my following are actual between their late 20’s and early 40’s. Most of them are creatives too looking to collaborate on a project or are in the industry and give me referrals.

To my surprise on Twitch, I actually sell a lot of custom commissions where I create hand-lettered posters for people to add to their art collection. I’ve actually gotten a whopping ten paid projects so far directly from Twitch, and I have only been on this site a few months.

commissions on twitch

Above is the first actual commission I received on Twitch. It was a gift for my client’s brother who is transgender. I hand lettered “Raise Boys and Girls The Same” all while live streaming on Twitch showcasing every step of my process. I would have never got the opportunity to make such an impactful piece if it wasn’t for this platform.

Just think of Twitch as another advertising channel for your brand. Since you can better connect with people personally they are more likely to feel comfortable reaching out to hire you.


Gain A New Self-Confidence

I don’t have to tell you that live streaming can be nerve racking. It’s live; people are watching you work. The whole experience can be intimidating if you let it. You just have to practice and get used it to it just like everything else.

Even though you have a crowd watching you, just remember that’s it’s still just you and your webcam. You’re still alone and safe. This is your show, and you make the rules. You can ban anyone mean, control all the conversation topics and talk as little or as much as you want.

Realize that you are going to make a ton of mistakes, but that’s ok. Just try not to panic and calmly try to figure things out. People in my experience are really understanding and even like it when you mess up because it shows that you’re human.

twitch confidence

Through streaming, I’ve gained a level of confidence I didn’t think possible. I speak more clearly, I can draw in any environment, and I’m not afraid to try to new things. People in the chat get me pumped to churn out new awesome work every week. It has even got to the point where I almost don’t want to create work unless I’m streaming it.


Hone Your Craft and Voice

You can use Twitch to showcase your work and keep yourself accountable to continue improving your skills. Use that social pressure to keep you focused on your goals so you can rid yourself of excuses.

How many times have you sat down on the couch thinking, “I should make something” and then just sat there? Twitch will not only motivate you to make more but to make consistently. No more couch potato for you.

If you want to be a pro streamer, then you need to have a schedule so people can get into a rhythm of when to tune in. This forces you to make time for your creativity instead of just doing it when you “feel like it”. Creating this kind of schedule will help you grow while giving you the tools to push forward.

twitch schedule

Design streamers like Alex Griendling, Rogie King, and Justin Mezzell are already killing it on this platform by sticking to a consistent schedule even if it’s just a few hours a week.

Not only will streaming help you grow creatively but it will also help you hone your voice. And no I don’t mean your physical voice but your creative one. When you stream, you can’t help but be yourself. You share your stories and lessons learned. All this talking helps you find what you stand for and can point you in a direction that you may not have found on your own.


Just sign up for Twitch and try it already

If you’re unfamiliar with Twitch, go ahead and sign up. It’s totally free and wildly entertaining. You can go to Twitch to check out what’s happening in the land of creative on your desktop, or you can download the app on iTunes or Google Play.

twitch creative

Give this platform a whirl and see if you like it. Everyone can create their own community, and you can make it as personal or professional as you want. I’m happy to answer any questions you have while I’ve live on Twitch or mention me on Twitter with the hashtag #twitchadvice. But if you really want to get started streaming get my eBook!

How To LIVE Stream Your Creative Work on Twitch!

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You can now get this e-book as I write it for only $15. Every week I’ll send you one new chapter walking you through how to use better Twitch and gain an audience. But once the book is done, the price will increase to $30. So snag one at this price while you still can.

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