A Good Life

This apparel design was created for Camp GLP, a yearly summer camp program for makers and entrepreneurs in Rock Hill, NY. This piece was designed to be printed on the back of a hoodie and placed into the complimentary swag bag available for participating campers.

Mechanical Pencil
Micron 08
75lb CardStock
Tracing Light Pad
Photoshop CC
Illustrator CC

01 Thumbnails

Phase 1: Thumbnails

I like to start off my projects with some loosely drawn thumbnails to help me create a basic layout for my illustrations. The above image is one of the many pages I filled with different concepts in various orientations and styles. I ultimately went with a straightforward rectangle layout to ensure maximum readability for my design. Due to the length of this 23-word quote, I knew I would have to keep the layout clutter free to retain clarity when read on the back of a hoodie.

02 Pencil-Sketch

Phase 2: Pencil Sketch

I spent a long time drawing and redrawing this illustration to keep my kerning and letters consistent. I had a repeated process of drawing, scanning and making subtle changes in Photoshop, printing the design and then redrawing it again. By constantly tweaking and finessing my letters, I was able to come up with a layout that has a strong visual hierarchy with just the right amount of decoration.

03 Final-Ink

Phase 3: Final Ink

After client approval, I was able to further focus on perfecting each of my letters while still maintaining a hand drawn appeal. I created this final ink drawing using a thin Micron with a 3.0mm line on a nice toothy 75 lb paper to minimize the ink’s bleed and maintain a smoother line weight.

04 Vector---Black

Phase 4: Illustrator B&W

For this piece, I decided to have a rough final vector image where the imperfections of my letters would remain intact. I wanted all the bumps of my letters to show through to give this piece a fun and playful hand drawn personality. I dived deep into the custom settings of Live Trace in Illustrator to find that perfect balance of smooth and jagged while keeping the file size down with a minimum amount of anchor points.

05 Vector-Color

Phase 5: Illustrator Color

Although the client only needed a one-color vector image for the hoodie, we both agreed a full-color version for social media and online promotion would be a nice added feature to support this design. To match the old-timey feel of my typography, I eye-dropped colors from some of my favorite vintage packaging labels I have scattered in my home studio.

I ultimately decided to go with a bright color scheme that would have the appearance of a subtle fade to resemble a print made from the 50’s. Then as a finishing touch I added some light texture to add to the aged appeal of this design.


 “It was such a pleasure working with Dina. She promised a certain delivery schedule and met every deadline. She was very responsive and open to input which allowed for a more collaborative process. We are absolutely thrilled with both hand lettered quotes Dina made for us.

– Stephanie Fields / Good Life Project

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