Bogue Banks Sea Salt

A handmade identity to represent the high quality of locally harvested sea salt in Emerald Isle, North Carolina.  

December 2014

Food & Cooking

Caryn Wooldridge

Project Duties:
Hand Lettering
Logo Design
Business Card Design
Discovery and Strategy
Branding Consultation

Caryn approached me to design her entire brand that included a new company logo, letterpress business cards and packaging. She wanted an organic feel that would draw in customers to both her online presence and in person at farmers markets.

It was important to Caryn to not only have a professionally made design but to have an identity that encompassed the handcrafted appeal of her sea salt. We worked together for almost 3 months fine tuning her brand, refining every detail so she could feel confident in launching her new business.

After we had designed her logo and cards we began developing her sea salt packaging of jars and pouches while also planning for the future. Down the road, Caryn plans on expanding her products into flavor-infused salts like citrus and honey with the possibility of developing salt bath products as well.


 Working with Dina to design my logo was so exciting! Her level of professionalism made me feel confident that I would not be disappointed. Her creative process is thorough, and she carefully considered all of my wants and needs. If you want your business to stand apart from the competition, it is well worth the investment to hire Dina!

– Caryn Wiseman / Bogue Banks Sea Salt

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