Brooklyn Supper Logo Design

A simple hand-lettered logo design for a seasonal food blog

Brooklyn Supper is an established food blog that believes that everyone should be able to cook great food with local ingredients and simple recipes. By exploring the local seasonal foods in your community, BkS hopes to inspire readers to get to know their own local food systems, connect with farmers, and make delicious meals!

Elizabeth reached out to me looking for something clean, fresh, and simple for her food blog that was also human and handmade. She needed a vibrant wordmark and monogram that would help her brand be more recognizable.

Business Card Mock-Up

May 2016

Food + Blogging

Elizabeth Stark


Time Spent: 26 hrs
Research: 6hrs
Drawing: 8hrs
Digitalization: 6hrs
Presentation: 6hrs

Project Duties:
Hand Lettering
Art Direction

Case Study

Below is an outline of my process from start to finish. Here you will be able to dig deeper into my design decisions and see for yourself how I ended up with the final result.

Mood Board

Mood Board/ Art Direction

During our first week of production, I prepared a Pinterest Mood Board filled to the brim with inspirational type samples for my client Elizabeth to review. I put together several different styles of script logos and explained the meaning behind each so together we could create a graphic that would engage her specific audience.

We decided to go with a stacked version for the wordmark that would be thin and simple similar to the Hot Spot sample from our Mood Board. The wordmark would be script, but not too curly where all the ligatures needed to make sense.

For the monogram BkS, I would use the same style letters from the wordmark and only slightly change the characters so they could all connect in an interesting and readable way.

The final logo assets would be in black and white and would retain a handmade look. Upon completion, I would provide assets that were both clean and with an added layer of texture for Elizabeth to use in various applications for print and web.


Type Study

Once I had an established art direction in mind I was excited and ready to dive right into the sketching process. While doing different type experiments, I live streamed my process on Twitch to give my client and fans an insight into my logo design process.

During this time, I experimented with different ways to present my stacked wordmark by trying out options to make the letters fit together more naturally. Since this design was going to be mono-width I could focus more on the structure of the letters giving myself room to explore different styles and interesting compositions.


Wordmark Drawings

Once I figured out how to form my letters it was time for me to refine my artwork to get the exact look I knew Elizabeth was craving for her re-brand. I decided on a slight tilted letter style to make the wordmark more dynamic and youthful but kept the line weight thin so the design could convey a sliver of elegance and maturity. I decided to tone down my ligatures only using them to fill up negative space so the logo could remain as simple as possible while also maintaining a sense of movement to help attract people towards the graphic.

I then took the letters from the wordmark to create the monogram BkS. I put each of the letters in a diagonal format so each of the characters could tie into the other without looking forced. I wanted each connection to come off organic without changing the style of the letters so much where they wouldn’t marry with the main wordmark.

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 11.56.15 AM


Once I had my final sketch complete, I scanned in my drawings and placed them into Illustrator to vectorize the design. I first used the pen tool to trace over my line work using just a few anchor points to ensure the design remained simple and easily editable. Then I created custom guides so I could better aligned my letters along a grid so each character looked like it belonged with the others. 

I spent the last few days tweaking all the adjustments made making sure this design was balanced, easily read from a distance all while remaining iconic and recognizable.

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 11.58.10 AM


My client wanted to keep the design black and white giving her beautiful receipts and food photography center stage for her brand. Then as a final touch, I added a subtle amount of texture giving this design that cheery on top handmade feel.