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Create More Than You Consume Shirt Design

A designer shirt series made by creatives for creatives.

I was on Twitter when I stumbled across the Humbly Made Brand, a small and passionate apparel company focused on inspiring others to be great and to stay humble.

Mitchell was just starting The Designer Series, a year-long apparel collection that features one t-shirt design each month created by a new designer. Each artist creates a new t-shirt that’s only available during that designers month.  

Since his values and brand aligned so well with my own so I decided to reach out to see if I could become one of the coveted 12 designers in this cool shirt design series. Mitchell was super excited over the idea of me joining the crew and decided that April 2016 would be the month of Letter Shoppe.

March 2016

Fashion/ Apparel

Humbly Made Brand


Time Spent: 23 hrs
Research: 3hrs
Drawing: 8hrs
Digitalization: 9hrs
Presentation: 3hrs

Project Duties:
Hand Lettering
Art Direction

The Meaning Behind the Design

Mitchell wanted me to hand letter a phrase that gives me the inspiration to keep moving forward in my freelance career. To create a design that was true to my style, that would help give others a creative boost.

So I chose to illustrate the phrase “create more than you consume” because it motivates me to stop thinking and start doing.

The hardest thing for most creatives is to start on something new. We get a great idea in our heads that gets us all fueled up but then we waste so much of that energy consuming content instead of creating the thing that got us excited in the first place.

Every time I would get excited about a new project I would find myself spending hours pinning, sharing, reading and finding inspiration that it would get in the way of me making any real progress.

So rather than finding inspiration let’s capitalize on our moments of creative flow to make our ideas a reality so we can help inspire others to do the same.

My Hand Lettering Process

Below is an outline of my process from start to finish. Here you will be able to dig deeper into my design decisions and see for yourself how I ended up with the final result.



I started traditionally with a pencil and paper to try out a few ideas I had in my head. Then I began working on some type studies to nail down the style and decoration of each word before I started on any high-fidelity sketches.

I wanted the style of my lettering to be pretty simple so it could be easily read. I wanted the message of this design to be easily recognized so the meaning of the words could spread more quickly.

I stuck with a condensed san serif style that had a mixture of weights and then used a bold cursive type style for the center word “More” to help draw the reader’s eye.



Once I had my styles laid out it was time to make this design a reality by working much larger during my sketching process. I spent awhile trying to get my curves just right without using a compass to steady my hand. It was important that this piece would retain an organic feel, which meant just the right amount of imperfections were needed.

Sketch 2

I ended up trying out various cursive styles for the word “More” trying to set the right tone. The first concept was too feminine while the second was too playful.

Final Pencil

So I ended up adding more dynamic shapes to my letters so the design would be more gender neutral.

Final Ink


Once I inked my design and scanned it to put it in Photoshop I had a hard time editing it. I should have inked different elements of my design in layers so that way I would have spent less time separating the text from the supporting illustrations in post.


I ultimately ended up simplifying my work and getting rid of the arrow designs altogether to give more focus to the words themselves. Plus I had a hard time combining my curved drop shadow lines into my composition without them looking like an afterthought.



Once I had my line work cleaned up and looking good, I went ahead and lived traced my lettering to retain all the rough edges from my micron pen.


I started to add different options for color and settled on this 70’s color palette of yellow and orange to be printed on a soft tri-blend chocolate tee for optimum contrast. Then I added this grungy spot printed texture to finish this piece off and make it look vintage.

All in all this piece is bold, old school and full of inspirational impact. I’m so proud of this design, and I hope you join our maker’s movement and add this awesome new shirt to your wardrobe.

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