Creative Accents Branding

A hand-lettered word mark (unfortunately unused) for a print firm in Nigeria.

October 2015


Project Duties:
Hand Lettering
Logo Design
Monogram Design
Art Direction

My client reached out to me to create a new company brand that was edgy yet classic to reflect her high-end creative design style. Working with many luxury brands, Creative Accents needed a facelift that was both modern and classic with a creative flair.

Creative Accents Process Mood Board

Mood Board

I started my process by developing a Pinterest Mood Board that had various script samples ranging from elegant to casual. Together we brainstormed what would be the perfect mixture of personable and professional.

Creative Accents Process Drawing


I went through a week long trial and error period when developing the word mark so it would be the perfect balance of creative, elegant, and readable.

There’s a certain give and take with design, where if you add too much flair to the image it can take away from the meaning of the piece. But on the other hand, if you don’t do any customizations the brand becomes less recognizable and boring.

With all that in mind, I decided that a stacked logo would look best while considering legibility when being printed on something as small as a business card. I began with just the structure of the piece before adding any weight to it. It was important that the typography had a nice flow without any gaps between the letters to create any eye sores.

Creative Accents Process Vector


While in Illustrator, I kept the majority of my anchor points at a 90-degree angle to make my lettering easy to edit and while maintaining balance on the same x-axis.

I spent about a week tweaking and refining each character to ensure a clean finish while maintaining a consistent weight throughout the piece.

Creative Accents Process Logo Design

Alternate Version

Originally I had planned to include an inlined stroke to the lettering but quickly realized that it made the final piece too cluttered when used for smaller applications.

After some experimentation, I discovered that the use of a stroked version worked quite nicely. The stroked detail added a level of sophistication to the piece that works especially well when printed in gold foil on something like a business card for some additional depth.

Creative Accents Process Color

Color Scheme

When designing a logo for a print boutique firm that specializes in a luxury design, I wanted to make sure that the color scheme aided in attracting the right customers. By complimenting gold and tans with muted grays and browns, I was able to put together a color palette that was both vibrant and subtle.