Elocute Media Rebrand

This hand lettered logo was created to represent a social media company in Chicago that helps small businesses utilize social media as an effective marketing tool.

October 2015

Social Media Marketing


Project Duties:
Hand Lettering
Logo Design
Icon Design
Art Direction
Branding Consultation

Melissa reached out to me to redesign her current logo into something that better represented her vivacious attitude and company’s trendy style. She wanted to start fresh with a new logo, icon, color scheme and supporting brand elements to bring a vibrant yet professional appeal to her online business.

Elocute Process_mood board

Mood Board

I always like to start my branding projects with a Mood Board to establish a tone and direction for the brand before production begins so me and the client can begin on the same page. So after our meeting, we had decided that the word mark “Elocute” was going to look angular in a brush script style similar to the So Stoked and Flair examples. Then for the word “Media” we agreed on going with a simple san serif font below it.

Then for her supporting assets we planned on developing a subtle watercolor texture to use as the background for her website and supporting print materials. We discussed that the color scheme would be colorful and a toss up between Netting and Sunset examples from our Mood Board.

Elocute Process-thumbnails


After my art direction had been approved, I got to work drawing over a 100 ways to create the Elocute word mark. I tested out different ligatures, underscores, styles, and cases until I landed on the best composition that could not only remain legible, but that would also be easy to turn into a shortened version of the logo for the “Elo” icon.

Through this experimentation, I decided to go with a simply stacked logo where the capital E would extend below the rest of the word highlighting the brand. This E extension also helped to keep the word “Media” in balance with the composition.

Elocute Process-materials


Once I had my composition in place, it was time to test different ink materials to see which medium portrayed that vibrant brush script style we were looking for.

I tested two sized Tombow brush pens along with a classic dull brush sharpie pen for texture. When the ink starts to get low, you begin to get these very organic strokes with some added roughness that my original thumbnails were lacking. I ended up choosing the thick Sharpie for it’s weight, flow, and smooth structure.

Elocute Process-ink

Final Sketch

Once I had my Sharpie test runs completed, I began to redraw the word mark over and over again to perfect its weight and structure while maintaining that needed handmade feel.

Towards the end of my sketching process, I decided to add a slightly curved angle to the x-height to give the final piece more of a angled composition while giving the overall piece a sense of movement.

Elocute Process-vector


When digitizing this piece, I went back and forth between a rough and smooth final presentation but ultimately decided that a more textured appeal would work best. You can even see the detail on the crossbar of the T where my ink started to run out.

Although jagged and imperfect this final piece more accurately represents creativity and brings a more human touch to the brand overall.

For the final color selection, I stayed pretty true to my original mood board. I choose only the best palettes from the Netting and Sunset examples I had provided. These colors are vibrant, warm, and inviting.

Elocute Process-icon


The final icon was relatively simple to put together since it was a shortened version of word mark. The only major change I made was that the connecting ligature of the O was removed so the underline E could keep the word balanced without creating any eyesores or gaps of negative space.

This final icon can be used as small as 24×24 pixels for your avatar while remaining completely legible.

Elocute Process-watercolors

Watercolor Backgrounds

I choose these six watercolor backgrounds to be a part of branding elements like the website and printed materials. These assets are 400 DPI, so they can easily be used for both print and web without any loss of quality.

When designing the colors for these swatches I wanted them to coincide with the yellow and purple color scheme without being too similar. I made the colors just different enough so there would be enough contrast to make any text placed on top to remain legible.