To Greatness

Each month I focus on a new core value that’s represented through a hand lettered poster. For January 2015, I choose to center my theme around Motivation.

I created this piece to remind people that no matter how big or small their goals, any dream is attainable.



At the beginning of each new year we can’t help but reflect on our lives. Come January we’re brimming with motivation to stay on track with our New Year’s resolutions so we can finally become the person we see as our ideal selves.

As those first few weeks fade, we slowly go back to our daily routines with less motivation. Although it can be disappointing, it’s perfectly normal. Change isn’t easy. You’re going to fail a few times when you’re trying something new. But what’s most important is that you don’t give up. Don’t ever lose sight of your goals.

Keep your will to win. Always strive to reach your full potential. This hand lettered poster is here to remind you that change is possible. No matter how big or small your goals, I believe that with the right motivation any dream is attainable.



As the first poster in my Motivation series I wanted this piece to have a very clean and authoritative look. So that when seen even in the distance the piece would convey a bold and serious tone. Because of this, I went with an already established typeface rather than starting from scratch.

I began by customizing a font in illustrator first to give more depth and emphasis to “Reach” and “Unlock”. Once I had a balanced composition, I printed out my design and traced over it with my Lightpad to give the piece a more organic feel.

Then I outlined my drawing with my Micron pen and scanned in the lettering to color in Photoshop. I gave more weight to my supporting lines and filled the letters with black. I went back and forth a number of times perfecting the balance, alignment and edges of my design.

Once the structure was in place I added in a dark color scheme to go along with my serious tone. I then created some depth to my letters by duplicating the my type layer and moving it slightly below and to the right. Then I simply filled in the gaps between the two layers for a perfect drop shadow. Finally with just a splash of a homemade texture, I finished off this piece with a subtle worn look.

Add some motivation to your world

Purchase this hand lettered poster to serve as a reminder that your dreams are worth fighting for.