Leslie Cohn-Wein Logo Design

A script style logo design for a freelance front-end developer in New York City.

Leslie reached out to me to create a playful hand-lettered logo that reflected her passion for handcrafting websites that delighted users. Although she had a full-time gig at an NYC agency, she wanted to create a new brand herself as a freelancer under her new married name.

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May 2016

Web Design

Leslie Cohn-Wein


Time Spent: 25 hrs
Research: 7hrs
Drawing: 9hrs
Digitalization: 4hrs
Presentation: 5hrs

Project Duties:
Hand Lettering
Art Direction

Case Study

Below is an outline of my process from start to finish. Here you will be able to dig deeper into my design decisions and see for yourself how I ended up with the final result.

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 5.17.53 PM

Mood Board/ Art Direction

During the first week of production, I put together a range of script type samples for my client Leslie to review. I put together these range of styles to gauge exactly the kind of tone Leslie wanted for her logo. By explaining what each style represented through design psychology we were able to land on a creative direction for this project moving forward.

During this meeting, we agreed to create a brand that had both a vertical and horizontal format with ligatures encasing her tagline “Front End Developer”. We established that we needed a handwritten feel for the brand, so the brand could look more unique.

We established that we would go with a bold script logo similar to the Marvel sample that had more rounded edges would give us that friendly feel we were looking for without coming off too youthful.

Leslie Type Study Presentation

Type Study

Once I had an art direction I was able to hit the ground running with some thumbnails and type studies to begin to figure out what my ideal design solution would be.

Since I already knew that I wanted a thick curly script style all that was left to figure out was how I would form each letter. Focusing first on the three capital letters of Leslie’s name, I experimented with different options that would draw in the eye while still remaining readable.

I ended up choosing the circled letters that were the most round and decorative. These letters wouldn’t only feel organic in the space but were different enough to catch a potential client’s attention.

Leslie Sketches Presentation

Wordmark Drawings

After I figured out my type styles I began to play with different compositions and layouts for my word marks. They needed to not only be in both a vertical and horizontal format but also needed to remain consistent so the design could be recognized in any format.

I began with the horizontal format first trying out different ways to incorporate her tagline in a supporting line or flourish but had some issues fitting the words together.  Since her main wordmark and tagline were both 3 words, there wasn’t a way to incorporate the tagline without the logo looking too chaotic or forced.

But with the stacked version I was able to find several flourish solutions that could incorporate the tagline. Since I was able to break up the wordmark into 2 lines I decided to have the C in Cohn wrapped under the wordmark and create a more centered balance for the tagline.

Leslie Presentation vector


I sent over my final drawing to a few peers that vectorized the logo using perfect vertical and horizontal bezier handles to make sure my line work would be as smooth as possible.

Then I spent time refining each of my anchor points so make sure my letters hugged each other perfectly while remaining consistent and balanced. I tried adding cuts and playing with negative space to create more depth in the word mark but it hindered readable so I went with a more simple flat version instead.

For the supporting type, I used the typeface Lato Bold that matched well with our thick script wordmark. I put each tagline on a custom baseline to ensure that the tagline looked like it married well with the structure and flow of the logo.

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 6.45.53 PM


For the colors, we agreed to a simple scheme with just a pop of color to attract users. I choose to put the logo in an off white cream color to add some warmth to the brand. Then for the supporting colors, I choose to go with a darker orange as our main brand color for a high impact with a burnt yellow to offset it.


“My new logo is even better than I pictured it! The rounded, flat letters have that friendly, hand-crafted look I was going for while the beautiful ligatures and sans-serif tagline keep it from feeling too young. I think the loopy “W” extending into the dot of the “i” is my favorite part!

The whole logo design process went so quickly and smoothly that I was almost surprised when it was over! Dina was responsive, transparent and upfront from email one, which put me at ease and made the entire process an enjoyable one. She was thorough and patient during our mood board meeting, and I loved getting insight into her creative process live on Twitch.

Dina listened to my preferences and ideas and skillfully balanced them with research and artistry to create a timeless word mark. I’m confident the new logo will appeal to future clients, help me win more business and give my brand a distinctive voice for years to come.”

– Leslie Cohn-Wein / lesliecohnwein.com