Love Yourself

Each month I focus on a new core value that’s represented through a hand lettered poster. For February 2015, I choose to center my theme around Love. How to show love in our relationships, towards our customers and most importantly to ourselves.



With this poster I wanted to illustrate the beauty that comes from a happy spirt. That glow when someone is lit up with happiness, grace and love. This poster is a reminder that in order to achieve that level of inner peace we need to love ourselves honestly and stay true to who we are.

I was inspired by this book by Kamal Ravikant Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On Itthat tells us before we can accept the love of others we need to love ourselves first.

With this piece I wanted to incorporate subtle illustrations that would fill the entire page with falling pieces of earth and leaves. This represents the demolition of the walls we put up that prevent us from looking within ourselves.



I first drew out thumbnails to get an idea of the composition. This piece needed to fit nicely in a tall vertical orientation while giving certain words the proper visual weight to stand out.

I got a rough sense of the layout and brought my sketch into Photoshop where I cut up my design to clean up the spacing and tilt of my letters. I wanted each line to be centered while every single character hugged each other perfectly.

Then I printed out my edited sketch and traced over it with ink. Inspired by Shell Silverstein’s use of texture through dot shading, I added in a wall of falling dirt and sprouted leaves with a thin sharpie pen for a natural sense of depth.

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