Make Something

Each month I focus on a new core value that’s represented through a hand lettered poster. For January 2015, I choose to center my theme around Motivation.

I created this piece to help motivate others to break away from their screens and create something awesome.



You say you love what you do, that your passion drives you. You draw, play, write and build but it has been awhile since you made something new. You don’t feel like doing anything and it’s hard to even think about getting started.

It’s time to shake off that motivation slump and get those creative juices flowing! If you have time to watch TV you have time to make! No more excuses!

Put your phone on silent, pull up the window shade and let the sun shine in. You’ll feel much more productive once you set aside all of technologies’ distractions.

It’s time to get away from all the noise of the internet and get your brain in gear. Whether you’re addicted to your phone or can’t seem to break away from Netflix, let this hand lettered poster motivate you to create something awesome.



I started by selecting which words I wanted to emphasize in my composition. I decided on putting a focus on “Stop”, “Screen” and “Make” to really help drive my point across.

After drawing on a few pages with some rough thumbnails I quickly was able to come up with a layout that suited my intentions. I then took a pencil sketch and outlined it with a Micron Pen. I wanted to get rid of any guesswork before moving on to the computer.

I scanned in my artwork and pulled up my drawing in Photoshop. I cut out each letter so it would be aligned within each row while having a centered balance. As you can tell from my initial drawing, there were quite a few kerning and spacing issues that needed to be perfected.

Then I filled my letters with black to make sure each character’s thins and thicks matched. Once my outline was in place, I took a few breaks where I went back to my design to clean up my edges with my Wacom Tablet. Finally I toped it off with a bright color scheme, some illustrative details and a subtle wash cloth texture to give it more of a hand drawn feel.

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Keep this artwork near your biggest screen to keep you motivated to get off the couch and make something!