Mark Schreck Rebrand

This hand lettered brand was created to reflect the custom-made products Mark makes in his shop using one of man’s oldest mediums.

September 2015



Project Duties:
Hand Lettering
Logo Design
Monogram Design
Art Direction
Branding Consultation

Mark reached out to me to design a brand that would represent his custom concrete designs, everything from countertops to furniture. He had been struggling to brand his handmade products for high-end users and wanted a style that was unique yet timeless.

Mark Schreck Logo Design Modboard

Mood Board

I began my process by developing a Pinterest Mood Board that reflected the personal taste and style Mark had described to me. He wanted a classic almost vintage style brand that had the same level of craftsmanship Mark brought to his products.

During our first art direction meeting, we all agreed that a responsive logo would work best for his rebrand so he wouldn’t run into any application or size restrictions when trying to present his new brand.

I created a horizontal logo that would be presented when placed on his website or on stationary. A monogram logo that would combine “MS” together that would be used for his social media icon and to brand Marks projects. Then finally I would combine all these assets to create a badge that would be great when used for swag, business cards and on printed marketing materials.

Mark Schreck Logo Design Drawing


When designing the rebrand, I started with the wordmark since it was going to be the primary focus. After many pages of trial and error, I decided on a simple, elegant script. This script was custom made to represent Marks high-end products while remaining approachable.

After I had a good enough sketch, I scanned in my artwork in Illustrator and created a monoline first with the pen tool. This phase helps me better form my letters to be consistent and kept the negative space between the letters balanced.

Once I had my monoline exactly where I needed it, I began to add weight to my letters to give just the right amount of personality. I made sure to have perfectly horizontal and vertical handles on my anchor points in Illustrator so my line work could be as simple and smooth as possible.

Mark Schreck Logo Design Monogram


This monogram is based off the font “Copperplate“, one of the oldest industrial fonts around. I customized the weight and height so that each letter could easily wrap around the other, with equal negative space on each side.

Originally I was going to create a illustrated version and a simplified icon but later realized that a cleaner version of the monogram was necessary so it could remain readable even when used as a small profile image.

This design needed to work in both one color white and black with a clean and textured version. The textured version could easily be used for digital purposes, where the clean version was created more for advanced printing like letterpress, screen printing or even embossing.

Mark Schreck Logo Design Badge


Inspired by vintage emblems from the 1920’s, I created a simple badge design that including just a bit more insight into the brand, like the location and established date. This badge is great opportunity to merge all the assets together to make one cohesive image and should be used whenever possible.

For the supporting type, I choose “Chapaza Regular” to add to that salt of the earth, handmade feel. Since this badge was created with a centered balance, this piece could work in almost any large format application whether it’s used with just a dash of texture or with a smooth finish.