Paper Tiger Mentoring

This hand lettered logo design is for a new mentoring program that gives teenagers the confidence to define their goals and pursue their dreams in Portland, OR.

February 2015


Project Duties:
Hand Lettering
Logo Design
Icon Design
Discovery and Strategy
Branding Consultation

Lisa reached out to me to create a hand lettered logo that would represent her counseling work with middle and high school students. In her mentoring program, she helps young people learn the necessary skills to empower themselves now and work towards the things in life they want to accomplish.


Mood Board

In our first conversations, Lisa explained that she was looking for a design that would appeal to both teenagers and their parents. A clean logo that was simple and could stand on it’s own in black and white.

After our Mood Board brainstorm session, we decided on a stroke script lettering style that would appeal to a younger demographic with a monogram version of the logo for Lisa’s avatar and social media profiles.



I started with a few pages of thumbnails in pencil to pinpoint the type of layout I was looking for. I needed something that was readable and had a balanced flow.

I decided on a more symmetrical style of lettering that felt more appropriate for an education based audience. I used the Selfie font as the structure of my piece while customizing my letters to become more rounded with playful ligatures.



After several rounds of perfecting my line work in pencil I brought my lettering into Illustrator. I began by simply tracing over my drawing with the pen tool so I could tweak my letters to fit perfectly together within the composition.

During the last week of production I went back to my piece again and again, each time removing anchor points so I could keep this illustration as simple as possible.


Tiger Illustration

Originally I planned for the monogram to fit within the silhouette of a tiger head. But without the details of the face it just looked like a everyday house cat. So instead, I created this illustration to be included in the main stacked version of the logo and become a powerful mascot for the brand.


Horizontal Layout

I created the stacked version of my design first, then I went ahead and created an extra horizontal version. Although the main brand image would be stacked, it was important to have another layout option so this design could fit in a narrow horizontal space, like the header of a website or on top of stationary.


Monogram Icon

I took the P and T out the design and shaped them together to create a balance monogram for Paper Tiger. Notice how I added a curl to the top and bottom of the T to balance out the composition. This illustration is perfect as a social media icon for Paper Tiger or a nice watermark for branding collateral.


 Dina was professional, engaged, supportive, and responsive. The logo she created for my new business exceeded my expectations, and the support she gave me as I built my business and created a brand, had a direct influence on my website and social media presence. I would highly recommend Dina.

– Lisa Reitmeier / Paper Tiger Mentoring

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