I can help you make a real connection with your community, audience and customers using professionally crafted hand lettering. I’m talking more than just words on a page, but handmade visuals that tell your story.

My Hand Lettering Process

I have a detailed design process that allows me to deliver a hand lettered design that will WOW your community

Project Questionnaire

Fill out my Project Request Formso I can learn about your goals, vision and inspiration. Once I receive all the information I need to deliver a successful project, I’ll quickly follow up with an estimate via email.

Proposal Agreement

You’ll receive a Design Proposal that outlines the details of your project that you can easily e-sign online. Then once I receive your 50% deposit, you’ll be added to my production schedule.

Mood Board

I’ll catalog my thought process with a Pinterest Mood Board with examples of various typography styles for your design. Then we’ll have a meeting to discuss the art direction I’ve chosen for your project.

Sketch Experiments

I take your provided goals, mediums, and target audience to explore various concepts for your hand lettered design. I then hone them down to a final concept based on what will be the most effective for your goals.

Design Digitalization

I’ll continue redraw the hand rendered form until I ultimately vectorize your design with meticulous precision. Even once this process is complete, I’ll spend several days tweaking the finer points for a high quality final result.

Final Presentation

Your artwork is provided to you in a online presentation that shows my design process from conception to completion. All the decisions made are explained to demonstrate how they best serve your goals.


Hire a professional hand lettering artist that can provide an effective design solution that’s tailor made to attract your audience.