How To LIVE Stream Your Creative Work on Twitch

Live streaming on Twitch Creative can help you build an audience, make money, and improve your skills more than any other platform out there.

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Why You Should Live Stream on Twitch Creative


Hey, I’m Dina Rodriguez a full-time freelance hand lettering artist and Twitch Creative streamer. I have been streaming on Twitch since August 2015, and it has completely changed my life.

Thanks to Twitch, I’m more confident in my work; I’ve built a beautiful new lettering community, and I made a few hundred dollars in donations last month alone. Not too bad for just drawing on the internet.

I love Twitch so much; I’m even writing an eBook about it, my first actually. Everyone needs to know about this platform, and I want more awesome creatives like you to be apart of it.

Twitch has incredible benefits, but it can be a little complicated to understand at first. Which is why I was surprised to discover that there weren’t more resources and tutorials online on how to start streaming on Twitch especially for creatives.

So I thought what the hell, I’ll just write a book teaching everything I know about streaming, marketing, and design so more creatives like you can have all the info you need to start live streaming with ease.

JPCoovert Twitch

Streaming my artwork is a great way to stay motivated! It helps me see a project through, start to finish, because my viewers feel invested in what I’m doing. Plus, it’s an amazing way to make a job that demands spending most of my time at a desk with my head down, a little less lonesome.”

– JP Coovert, Cartoonist / @jpcoovert

Learn how to join hundreds of creative streamers on Twitch

Twitch is an awesome live streaming app that creatives like us need to take over. This platform is a golden opportunity for designers, makers and artists everywhere to show off their work and make money doing it.

Since Adobe launched Twitch Creative, the Creative Channel has been exploding with talent. There are tons of reasons why creatives like you need to be a part of this life-changing platform. From traditional artists to designers, all creative minds are welcome and thriving.

You can use Twitch to build your own creative community, get more eyes on your work, and even get donations just for being you. This platform is great whether or not you’re a seasoned professional or someone who just needs a push to start their next creative endeavor.

Creatives like you need to explore this platform so you can use it to improve your skills, build up your confidence all while creating a unique community that will support you.

Peter Imaginary Monsters Twitch

I started streaming my process on Twitch as a way to gain more exposure and grow my audience. I’ve continued streaming because of the awesome and supportive community. Without much effort I’ve been able to add a positive layer of engagement to a regular work night for me. Plus it’s really fun!”

– Peter Lazarski, Game Designer / @Imaginary Monsters

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Niffiner Twitch

I began streaming because when I left my career in tech, I wasn’t accustomed to working all day with zero human interaction. I have to say that was the hardest part about being a full-time illustrator. So when I discovered Twitch Creative, not only was I stunned at the ever growing community of artists, I was also amazed by the support and encouragement from fellow streamers and viewers. It’s a great way for me to show my process and engage with people who are curious about what I do.”

– Jennifer Lankenau, Artist / @Niffiner

Everything you need to start streaming!

Twitch Creative School Table of Contents

This book will teach you not only how to use Twitch but how to build an engaged audience from it. I’ll show you everything you need to know from getting started with gear to how to attract people to your stream. Below is an outline of what you will learn in each chapter. I’ll be releasing 1 chapter a day so you can focus on just one important thing at a time.

Become A User Before A Streamer

Day 1. Become a User Before a Streamer

  • Twitch Lingo 101
  • Find Cool Creatives To Follow
  • Unwritten Rules of Twitch
Plan Your Stream Insta

Day 2. Plan Your Stream or Plan to Fail

  • Why People Should Tune In
  • Crafting Your Bio & Brand
  • Announcing Your Stream Launch
Ch3 Streaming Gear You Need_web

Day 3. Streaming Gear You Need

  • Free & Cheap
  • What Everyone Else Uses
  • The Cool Shit

Day 4. Setting up OBS

  • Settings & Set Up
  • Scenes & Sources
  • Designing Scenes
Twitch Alerts Title

Day 5. Twitch Alerts To Engage Your Audience

  • Setting up Donations
  • Making Cool Alerts
  • Stream Labels
Up Your Security Title

Day 6. Security with Mods & Nightbot

  • Mod Early. Mod Often.
  • Setting up Nightbot
  • How To Deal with Trolls
Justin Mezzell Twitch

I started using Twitch as an outlet to show the messy, unproven, (oftentimes) ugly parts of my design process — or lack thereof. It’s been an exercise in removing the historical curation of who we appear to be as part of our online personas and in our bodies of work; in embracing a more honest window into who I am and what I make, warts and all.”

– Justin Mezzell, Designer / @JustinMezzell

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