Dina Marie Rodriguez

Hand Lettering Artist

Why You Should Hire A Hand Lettering Artist

Inspire brand loyalty, increase sales and drive engagement using professionally crafted hand lettering.

There are bountiful reasons why 1000’s of companies worldwide are hiring more and more lettering artists like myself. Especially in the field of Advertising, Apparel, and Branding where a design is key in engaging an audience.

I want to help you gain clarity on how a hand lettering artist can create tremendous value for your brand and why it’s worth the investment for your commissioned project.

I have the expertise to transform your message into a powerful image that can sell, entertain and inspire. Stop searching though generic graphic design portfolios and hire an artist like me that knows exactly how to create and promote your next creative project.


Working with Dina to design my project was so exciting! Her creative process is thorough, and she carefully considered all of my wants and needs. If you want your business to stand apart from the competition, it is well worth the investment to hire Dina!”

– Caryn Wiseman / Bogue Banks Sea Salt

Happy Client Testimonials

What some of my clients are saying about my services


I spent months struggling with different graphic designers trying to get the image I had in my head. After expressing my frustration on social media, I was contacted by Dina and was immediately impressed by her portfolio. We exchanged a few emails, she provided me with a questionnaire to fill out, and two short weeks later I was presented with my perfect piece of hand lettering. I couldn’t be more impressed with Dina’s professionalism and creativity, and I can’t wait to work with her again on my next creative venture.”


Working with Dina to develop our new graphic has been nothing short of a real pleasure. From the very beginning when I filled out her questionnaire, I could tell that she doesn’t just churn out designs overnight. She gets an in-depth understanding of not only what each client’s business does, but also their motivations, values, and how they differ from their competitors. She incorporates all of this insight into her design process and it shows through in the final product. I highly recommend Letter Shoppe for all things lettering.”

– Kati Heffield / Say Something Marketing


Dina invested hours learning about my brand, mission and style. She was transparent about her process and always kept me involved. It was up to Dina to really translate everything we’d discussed into a graphic, and the end result blew me away! I’m so grateful to have worked with Dina for such a unique illustration.”

– Allison Lewis / Brand Scape Communications


Dina was professional, engaged, supportive, and responsive. The hand lettered logo she created for my new business exceeded my expectations, and the support she gave me as I built my business and created a brand, had a direct influence on my website and social media presence. I would highly recommend Dina!”

– Lisa Reitmeier / Paper Tiger Mentoring

The Benefits of Hand Lettering

Original handmade designs

Never again use generic images to represent your organization. Take an authentic approach to design by hiring an artist that builds each letter and illustration from scratch.

Made to attract your audience

Using color theory, design psychology and the intrigue of the handmade, I’ll create unique graphics for your brand that makes an honest connection with your community.

Illustrations with a timeless appeal

Never worry about your designs going stale again. Your graphics are designed based on the core values and passion behind your brand not the latest fleeting trend.

Common Questions

Learn more about my process, services and terms

How many clients do you work with a month?

I usually work with one to two clients per month so I can really focus my time on the project at hand without distractions.

How long does a piece of hand lettering take?

The timeline for projects vary between two to four weeks depending on the amount of letters and supporting illustration involved. If you need the project in less than 2 weeks, there will be an added 20% rush fee.

Do I receive full rights to the artwork?

For logo design projects, all rights are included in the price. But for commissioned lettering projects, rights are only available as an additional fee depending on what usage rights you need.

You can pay the maximum amount for unlimited rights or to save on costs, you can choose to have only partial usage rights. Partial rights allows you to use the design only on what applications, locations and duration you need.

For example you could purchase limited rights to a piece of lettering to use just on shirts and posters, to customers in the United States, and for only 2 years.

If you choose to have no rights to the artwork that means you can still use the designs for non-commercial reasons but will need to give appropriate credit when the artwork is posted on publications, blogs and social media.

What does your proposal look like?

You can see a sample of my proposal by clicking here. This will give you an idea of my terms and what key factors I include in my contracts.

Are you available right now for new projects?

Yes! Right now I’m available for your project!

Let’s get the ball rolling this month so I can add you to my schedule. Fill out my Request A Quote questionnaire to receive an estimate.

What’s your process for creating hand lettering?

You can check out my hand lettering process here or check out this recent case study I created for Paper Tiger Mentoring.

How much does hand lettering cost?

My pricing varies quite a bit but ranges from $600 to $4000 depending on the amount of work involved. I don’t charge hourly, instead I charge based on the value you receive from my work. You can read more about Value Based Pricing here.

What’s your refund/cancellation policy?

If I decide to cancel the project then your deposit will be refunded back to you at NO CHARGE. Although, if you’re the one to end production early, then your deposit is non-refundable and I retain all the rights to any artwork created.

Have any additional questions?

Contact me at dina@lettershoppe.com. I’m here to help in any way I can.