Portland Logo Design + Hand Lettering

All the reasons why you should hire a hand lettering artist.

Always original.


Hand made artwork for custom logo design or marketing allows the creative vision in your mind to become a reality. Your project will be original with each letterform being completely one of a kind.

Unlimited possibilities.


You have the power to see any style of illustration and typography come to life for your brand. Your business is no longer bound by stock images or digital fonts to tell your unique story.

Perfectly expressive.


Hand lettering brings that human touch to design that evokes real emotion. Your project will have an expressive personality that will shine through to your audience in a way that other designs can’t.

Custom Logo Design

Custom Logo Design

Get your business noticed with a custom logo design that represents all the wonderful ideas fueling your business.

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Hand Lettering

Hand Lettering

Make your ideas tangible with beautifully crafted hand lettering for marketing and apparel.

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